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About Me

Pei-Jen L. Shaner

Associate Professor
Department of Life Science
National Taiwan Normal University

No. 88, Sec. 4, Tingzhou Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 11677
Phone: (886) 2-7734-6301
Fax. (886) 2-2931-2904
E-mail: pshaner@ntnu.edu.tw

I am a broadly trained field ecologist. My research spans across behavioral, population and community ecology, with a special focus on terrestrial vertebrates.

My students and I conducted field work in Taiwan, eastern North America and Nepal. We use manipulative experiments, empirical observations and computer modeling to ask questions such as:

How do resource pulses drive trophic niche shifts in omnivorous rodents?
How do greenfalls brought about by typhoons shape community structures of arthropods?
How do parasites (helminths, mites) influence host foraging behaviors and life histories?
What is the role of niche divergence/partitioning in the maintenance of biodiversity (speciation and species coexisting)? 

In recent years, I have used stable isotopes, mark-capture-recapture, ecological niche modeling and molecular tools in my studies. I believe by using multiple approaches and collaborating across disciplines, we can tackle even the most difficult questions in ecology.